As a developmental coach, Sebastian helps clients to get out of their own way and take purposeful action towards living the life they want to lead. His approach is to work with clients on a holistic level and from the inside out. 

Sebastian's style of coaching is designed for people who want to …

  • Improve overall well-being

  • Bounce back from a loss or trauma

  • Develop a deeper connection to nature

  • Become stronger, more effective leaders and communicators

  • Cultivate healthier relationships with the technology in their lives

  • Achieve results in their personal or professional lives

  • Overcome large or small obstacles

Sebastian does coaching in face to face or remotely by phone or video chat. 

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Coaching is an emerging field that is increasingly utilized by professionals, athletes, and students. In ways it is similar to consulting and therapy, but it has some very important differences. We’ve included a diagram to help illustrate the similarities and differences between these professions. Additionally, we’d welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you via phone or in-person to see if it might be a good opportunity and fit.