Speaking from the heart:

Sebastian is passionate about sharing his story of living through and learning from his father's suicide. A natural storyteller, Sebastian uses his skills to connect with his audience on an emotional level. While he often speaks about difficult topics such as suicide and the stigma around mental health, he is known for bringing lightheartedness and humor to his speeches.  His intention is to help create space for conversations about suicide, mental health, and other difficult topics - to break down the stigma around these topics and ultimately leave his audience with a message of hope for a lighter and fuller future. 

The Audience:

Sebastian speaks to a variety of audiences such as:

  • teachers and educators

  • high school students

  • college students

  • medical and mental health professionals

  • suicide prevention/advocacy groups

Most Requested Speeches:

  • Ashes in the Ocean: A Son's Story of Living Through and Learning From his Father's Suicide

  • Nature Unplugged: How to Cultivate Consciousness in the Digital Age



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