More Praise for Ashes in the Ocean

“This book is about the lessons that a son receives from a father who has taken his own life. It is also about a man who comes of age and embraces his power by being curious, courageous, and compassionate. Through his fierce writing, Sebastian Slovin recounts his passionate quest to understand and learn from his father Vernon’s suicide. He delivers insightful, timeless, and universal messages, which are at the core of the human experience.”

Stefano Olmeti, PhD, Global Leadership Coach

“Brave, raw, honest, and, ultimately, hopeful. Among the many destructive legacies of his father’s suicide was a deep-seated fear that the author himself would one day suffer the same fate. For years he tried to bury these demons deep inside and to follow societal convention by avoiding the subject altogether. When that didn’t work, he decided to battle those demons by learning everything he could about his father and his father’s decision to take his own life. It turned out his father’s life, and death, had a great deal more to teach him than he could have ever imagined. Yes, this book is an inspirational guide for those of us who have lost a loved one to suicide. But, in fact, it is much more too. The author’s journey exposes the dangers of a society that places too much emphasis on material wealth and status, while offering a practical example of how to avoid those destructive traps. And, for anyone who is afraid to face a difficult truth, whatever that truth might be, Slovin’s compelling and engaging story will show you a path to a lighter and fuller future.”

John Cappetta, Business Leader and Philanthropist

“I experienced the same momentous event as the author. His descriptions are enlightening and compelling. I read Ashes in the Ocean in one sitting, simply because I could not put it down. I recommend it without reservation.”

Carol A. Edwards

“There have been many books written about suicide and suicide prevention. Ashes in the Ocean is the best book I have read on how suicide affects the living victims and sheds light on how to deal with a personal tragedy. It helped me reconcile my own guilt about a childhood friend’s suicide and the suicide of one of my soldiers years ago. Sebastian Slovin shares his powerful story about living in the shadow of his father’s suicide and facing his own fears to choose a stronger path. Sebastian’s journey began with an external search for all the ‘whys’ of suicide, which led him to an internal discovery of light in the darkness of life. Filled with personal accounts, waves of vulnerability, and beautiful prose, Sebastian’s book is extremely real, heart-wrenching, and wonderfully uplifting. Anyone wanting to understand the struggles of loss or wrestling with the aftermath and stigma of suicide should read Ashes in the Ocean.”

John M. Hinck, Retired Army Colonel and Apache Pilot, Author, Strength & Honor: 64 Stories of Leadership, Character, and Values

"This book is a rare gift—beautifully and courageously written, heartbreaking, and deeply inspiring. It is a true story about the agony and isolation of growing up in the shadow of a father's suicide, and ultimately finding redemption and healing through the guidance and love of committed mentors and friends. Highly recommended not only for survivors of suicide, but for anyone interested in the human experience."

Steven Alper, LCSW. Psychotherapist and Author, Mindfulness Meditation in Psychotherapy: An Integrated Model for Clinicians

"Ashes in the Ocean is a must-read. Sebastian brings light, awareness, and acceptance to the death and grieving process. Depression and then suicide, like addiction, are usually dark secrets that aren’t discussed. Healing, light, acceptance, and then helping others are the keys to recovery. Reading his story and hearing how shame, isolation, anger, outbursts, distraction, and blame are all symptoms of unhealthy coping mechanisms which naturally occur in the recovery process will be helpful for everyone. Take some time and read this book.”

David M. Marlon, MS, MBA, and co-founder of Solutions Recovery

“A book written with heart-wrenching courage and willingness to uncover a personal tragedy and discover a gift of significant worthiness. Slovin shows tremendous insight into his own healing and journey. A must-read for anyone in the healing profession or who has firsthand experience with the loss of a loved one through suicide.”

Nancy Pollard, LCSW, retired psychotherapist with 35 years of experience

“While this book tells the story about a son coming to understand himself after his father’s suicide, Slovin does so much more. In his open and honest account of his experience, he finds power in his voice and invites the reader to connect around courage, grief, compassion, shame, and facing fears and truths. Everyone will learn something about themselves from this book. Its power lies not only in the story but in the author’s authentic search for understanding and acceptance.”

Lorri Sulpizio, PhD, Director of the Conscious Leadership Academy

 “Sebastian has always brought an infectious, positive approach to life, no matter what his circumstances. His ability to inspire others is not only sought after by many, but deeply appreciated by a diverse and vast audience. His community is far-reaching and the tools he shares on a daily basis provide the groundwork for a fulfilled life. Through this book, Sebastian shares his intimate experience with hardship and turns it into a story of love, compassion, and acceptance. His personal approach to heartbreaking loss and the ability to share the tools he learned come from a place of infinite gratitude. His book is not just a story of one, but a lesson for many to live and love like there is absolutely nothing standing in the way.”

Nora Tobin, Wellness Coach

“Ashes in the Ocean provides immense value to the survivors of suicide. Those that live on, particularly children, are often haunted by the loss and the unanswered questions that plague their mind for years and, too often, the rest of their lives. Sebastian Slovin’s authentic, open, and eloquent sharing of his story is the much-needed sounding board for those that live with the stigma of suicide. He brilliantly provides an engrossing pathway toward peace and healing that others can welcome and emulate. As someone who struggled through the unexpected loss of a parent in youth, I made connection to Slovin’s grief, confusion, anger, and loneliness, but was strengthened by his honesty.”

Derek Abbey, West Region Director, The Travis Manion Foundation